We are a dept. of Culpeck Insurance (Specialised Expat Insurance Agency) that concentrates on monitoring the Energy Market and looking out for the best Energy contracts for our clients.

Nothing, our service is 100% free for our clients. We get a little commission from the energy providers for changing you over.

Yes, everyone has the right to receive electricity/gas, so you will never be left without, not even the second the new provider has taken over, you wont even notice, everything will just smoothly continue as before, just your bills will get cheaper! Even if your new Energy provider would have a problem supplying you with Energy, your electricity/gas would still continue via the local 'Grundversorger'. But we have never had this case happen before where a client would have to go back to the local 'Grundversorger'. We will take care of cancelling your old contract and changing you to your new cheaper contract.

The 'Grundversorger' is the main local energy provider, who has to supply the local households with electricity/gas in a specific area, if those households havent yet been changed over to a new provider. Their rates tend to be much higher because everyone is normally automatically supplied by them until they change over to a new provider.

Normally there is a waiting period of around 2 weeks. We can cancel your old contract for you when we change you over to your new cheaper contract.

Yes, you are. You can change as many times as you like but just not in the middle of the contract year. We will give the required notice to cancel your old contract for the earliest possible date and change you over to your new cheaper contract on that same earliest possible moment.

The energy provider will normally debit your German bank account directly via direct debit but some providers will allow you to do a bank transfer yourself, if you prefer this method.

Yes, we can change you to the cheapest energy provider every year if you want us to. You will never have to pay too much ever again and our service stays free for you the whole time of course.

Unfortunately the normal paperwork from the energy provider will be in German, but we will help you, if you don't understand something. The whole communication with us can be in English.

Yes, no problem. Just give us both numbers on the quotation form.

The best way is to write an email to info[at]culpeck-energy.de or to use our online contact form. We will answer as soon as we can.

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