Energy is one of the most important business areas in our society. Imagine a life without electricity or heating. Everyone needs it. Everyone is a potential customer. Basically, everyone wants to save money, so energy consulting is a business that should not be underestimated.

We are currently looking for new people for the following positions:

Independent Sales Partner 

You will be an independent energy consultant and acquire new customers on your own account. You receive commissions for each individual customer. You can freely organise your own work.

Benefit from a strong partner at your side: Culpeck Energy. Together with our distribution network you have access to many different energy providers and their different rates and deals. You just have to submit the new contracts. The processing of the new contracts and termination of the old contracts will be arranged through Culpeck Energy.

Take advantage of the opportunities offered by the energy market and receive commissions on the contracts you have submitted.


You do not have to be self-employed. You benefit from the fact that you provide us with potential new customers and receive a small commission for each new contract we set up. You decide yourself how frequently and how many you wish to pass on to us and have no work at all. We write up the new contracts and the cancellations for the old provider.

If you have a large circle of friends, many family members or just know a lot of other people, this is just the thing for you! Turn your recommendation into money.

If you are interested in one of the two career opportunities, do not hesitate to contact us. We will get back to you.

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